Beginners guide

STEP 01 - How to start using Lifeverse?

Your journey into Lifeverse begins by downloading the application.

  • You can find the app on the Google play store and iOS store.
  • Download the app and get started with creating your account.
  • Complete this process and you can start enjoying Lifeverse.
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STEP 02 - How do you connect your VR Headset?

You can link your VR device from the web or mobile app.

  • First, install the Lifeverse mobile or web app for registering your profile
  • Next, open the app in the headset and select the “Link Your VR” headset option following registration.
  • Finally, type the OTP the headset displays into the mobile or web app.



STEP 03 - How do you navigate using the VR handset/joystick?

You can use either the left or right joystick to navigate throughout the area. Push the joystick forward to move forward and push the joystick left or right to move your avatar left and right.

  • To go to another floor, stand on one of the teleporting circles found anywhere in the area. Doing this brings up a display showing the other floors.
  • Point your joystick at the floor you want and press the trigger button. Doing this will teleport you to the selected floor.

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